cd-400x311-Bully“(Don’t Be A) Bully – Tolerant Songs for Young Folks,” is the second album from E Is For Erik.  It is available on CD, in our website store, as well as other online stores, including iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody (all online store links are posted on this site, as well), to name a few.  This 8-song collection highlights all issues dealing with bullying, tolerance, acceptance, historical/civil rights issues, cooperation, and general feel-good messages…working things out together.  “(Don’t Be A) Bully” features different musical styles/genre’s that all ages can appreciate, from the young to their parents – we wanted to make it musically diverse so all ages can rock out to the positive messages and information-packed lyrics.  It’s a great soundtrack to issues that plague today’s youth, both inside and outside of school – the most important lesson learned is that all bullying issues can be thwarted/reported, and all prejudices can be eliminated…”we must learn to live together, all the people of the world…”

p.s. Stay tuned for press info/coverage of all our projects, as well as free downloads…check back from time to time…uploads will be available soon, in time for October, which is National Anti-Bullying month!
Bill & Erik

E is for Erik CD & coloring bookE Is For Erik is a 12-song musical journey, introducing a multitude of subjects, including:  language arts, math, science, tolerance, civil rights, culture, social skills, and just plain Fun!!!

E Is For Erik is a compilation of children’s songs, written/performed by Erik Simonsen.  There are also a couple of “gems” included in this collection that have been “road tested” & well received by all young people – songs dealing with acceptance and tolerance, important topics that should be introduced to our youth at an early age.  Erik has performed for various schools & special needs groups throughout the state of NJ – these songs are “kid-tested” and mother-approved!”  With the help of Bill Caterini and others, E is for Erik was recorded and developed as a fun way for young folks to enjoy learning.  E Is For Erik is both entertaining and interactive (CD and coloring book) for the young ones.  Erik has performed these songs for various schools and special needs groups throughout the state of New Jersey.

The coloring book was a nice addition to the song collection – Patty Morgan (fine art/illustrations) and Michele Faulkner (graphic artist) put this book together, as an interactive tool for the song collection; each page of illustrations corresponds to a song on the album (CD).  Be sure to enjoy the song samples, located on the about page.  You can click here to visit (and “like”) our Facebook page.  Post a “hello,” send us an email … we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks, and enjoy the music!

Erik & Bill